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Wines of Wednesday: Charles Shaw kind of Night

25 Jan

Sometimes it’s just a Charles Shaw kind of night…

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Happy Wednesday!


My Dreamdate

24 Jan

Actually this post is about nail polish – sorry for the let down!

As many of you know, I am always on the lookout for great polish that I can wear to work that is both fun and “appropriate.” Enter Confetti’s Dreamdate.


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It is a sheer pink sparkly polish with enough glitter to catch the light but not too much to distract. I love it because not only is the polish fast drying, but you can reapply coats without it showing up so it is perfect for someone like me who is awesome at chipping her nails!


What nail colors do you like to wear for work?


23 Jan

I know that it hasn’t been that long, but what is it in us that expects to see a little improvement after two weeks at a new exercise regime?

I’ve been sore the following two days after seeing my trainer and I’ve made an improvement on eating well.

I recently saw this on Pinterest and it got me thinking that I have to be more patient! I’m now marking my calendar by the weeks noted above and won’t expect anything until 12 weeks have passed. That’s not too long – it’s only until the week of March 26th…

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Do you ever expect something more because you’ve been working hard?

Yoga Style

20 Jan

Today’s Friday Style is inspired by my early morning yoga classes. I am obsessed with the first top (Nike) and loooove the cozy wrap jacket (Old Navy)! Happy Friday!



Tick Tock

19 Jan

I want to thank Monica over at RunEatRepeat for bringing this article to my attention. As a 20-something I know I am at the “medically speaking correct time” but I am far from ready to have kids right now.

How about you? Thoughts? Why is there so much pressure even on the unmarried though in a committed relationship category?

Wines of Wednesday: Westside Zinfandel & Chocolate

18 Jan

Tonight some girlfriends and I are having a wine and chocolate over happy hour!

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Happy Wednesday!

A Bold Breakfast

17 Jan

Do almonds constitute a healthy breakfast? What if they are wasabi & soy sauce almonds?

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You can ask anyone close to me, but I am notorious for not wanting to eat “breakfast foods” for breakfast. I just can’t bring myself to eat a bowl of oatmeal or anything seemingly sweet in the morning. If I had my way it’d be a warm cup of noodle soup or a green monster smoothie.


But since I did not have any of the ingredients for any of the above two morning meals, almonds it was. At least my sinuses got some great clearing before I went to work J


Are you a breakfast person or do you prefer meals that are more appropriate for other times of day? And who decided breakfast had to be sweet anyways?