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23 Jan

I know that it hasn’t been that long, but what is it in us that expects to see a little improvement after two weeks at a new exercise regime?

I’ve been sore the following two days after seeing my trainer and I’ve made an improvement on eating well.

I recently saw this on Pinterest and it got me thinking that I have to be more patient! I’m now marking my calendar by the weeks noted above and won’t expect anything until 12 weeks have passed. That’s not too long – it’s only until the week of March 26th…

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Do you ever expect something more because you’ve been working hard?


Tick Tock

19 Jan

I want to thank Monica over at RunEatRepeat for bringing this article to my attention. As a 20-something I know I am at the “medically speaking correct time” but I am far from ready to have kids right now.

How about you? Thoughts? Why is there so much pressure even on the unmarried though in a committed relationship category?