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25 Gifts for Runners: Day 25

25 Dec

Merry Christmas!!!! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful month of December and that your holidays are spent with those that you love! And for those of you who love runners, today is the final installment of the 25 Gifts for Runners series I’ve been doing here at Marathon Beauty!

25. Entry to Your Runner’s Dream Race. Why not surprise the runner in your life with an entry to his or her dream race! Does she really want to run Big Sur? How about Chicago? While some of the most sought after are only done by lottery (Nike Women’s Marathon & New York), and you have to qualify for Boston, a runner would love it if you bought them an entry into Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles and then made a fun trip out of it!

To recap on my previous posts, here are my 25 Gifts for Runners:

Day 1-7: Stocking Stuffers

1. Bodyglide

2. Khiels Lip Balm No. 1

3. Goody Stay Put Hairbands

4. Sunscreen

5. GelsShot Bloks & Sport Beans

6. iTunes Giftcard

7. Nunn

Day 8-24: Perfect for Under the Tree

8. Massage Gift Card

9. Foam Roller

10. Resistance Bands

11. BIC Bands

12. New Headphones

13. Running Journal

14. Oiselle Rundies

15. Gym Bag

16. Runners World Calendar

17. iPhone Arm Band

18. Subscription to Runner’s World Magazine

19. Ear Warming Headband

20. Handheld Water Bottle

21. Compression Socks

22. Cute Loungewear

23. Rain/Wind Jacket

24. Pedicure Gift Card

Day 25: If you Really Want to Score Points

25. Entry to Your Runner’s Dream Race

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


25 Gifts for Runners: Day 23

23 Dec

23. Rain Jacket/ Wind Breaker. There are a lot of options on this front, but one piece of gear that makes running in the winter possible is a great waterproof hooded jacket. I wear the old school LL Bean one, but here are a few more fashionable options!

Click Image for Source

Click Image for Source

Nike Vapor Flash Women's Running Jacket

Click Image for Source

25 Gifts for Runners: Day 21

21 Dec

21. Compression Socks. These bad boys are another item I requested. Nothing like telling someone “I’d really like these $60 socks for Christmas, pretty please?” You may be accused of being a running dork, but at least your legs will feel some extra relief after that track session!


Click Image for Source

25 Gifts for Runners: Day 20

20 Dec

20. Handheld Water Bottle. Once I got one of these, I fell in love. During the hot summer months, I admit I didn’t really want to go out running with my fuel belt when I was only running four miles. To me that was a bit too much gear to have. But, this water bottle is the best as it stays strapped on your hand (so you don’t need to clench it), has finger grooves to help clench, and has a super handy pocket to stash gels. If your runner lives in a warm summer climate I suggest one of these lifesavers.

Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus Hand-held Bottle

Click Image for Source

25 Gifts for Runners: Day 19

19 Dec

19.  Ear Warming Headband. This is another gift I specifically asked my brother to get me (it’s in his price range). While I love running in the winter, I hate cold ears because they always make me feel like I’m going to catch a cold soon. This will help my ears stay warm this winter!

Fleece Earband - Unisex by Marmot

Click Image for Source

25 Gifts for Runners: Day 17

17 Dec

17. iPhone Arm Band. I like wearing my phone on my arm; it means that there is nothing around my waist and nothing in my hands. I suggest getting one made of neoprene to avoid any excessive sweat from killing your phone but word of caution – you will need to wash out the holder every now and then or else there will be months of dried sweat strapped on your arm! Yuck!


Gym Running Sport Armband Case Compatible With iPhone 4 4G OS4 IOS4

Click Image for Source

25 Gifts for Runners: Day 15

15 Dec

I can’t believe Christmas is only 10 days away!

15.  Gym Bag. If I did not win a Mizuno backpack earlier this year – a new gym bag would be first on my wish list! I was using a Converse white pleather hobo bag from Target, but unfortunately the fake leather could only withstand two and a half years of daily use before starting to flake. It was gorgeous and did NOT look like a typical gym bag but alas it needed to go.

Click Image for Source

Mizuno Organizer Daypack

Click Image for Source

Even though it is super sporty, I LOVE my Mizuno bag! It has pockets galore and a great place on the bottom to store wet/smelly clothes! It is very comfortable for either sex to wear as my boyfriend can attest to wearing it while spectating NWM 2011!

Below is a recap of the previous 14 gift ideas:

Day 1-7: Stocking Stuffers

1. Bodyglide

2. Khiels Lip Balm No. 1

3. Goody Stay Put Hairbands

4. Sunscreen

5. Gels, Shot Bloks & Sport Beans

6. iTunes Giftcard

7. Nunn

Day 8-14: Perfect for Under the Tree

8. Massage Gift Card

9. Foam Roller

10. Resistance Bands

11. BIC Bands

12. New Headphones

13. Running Journal

14. Oiselle Rundies