A Big Change

13 Jan

So I haven’t posted in the past few days and there’s a reason: every time I move my arms to lift my laptop they scream out in pain.

On Tuesday I had my first session with a personal trainer and while it was awesome – it seriously kicked my butt. I’ve been the gal who looks funny walking up the stairs, and the one who braces herself against the wall while trying to gently lower her self into her desk chair.

I made the decision to go see a personal trainer after taking a long hard look at where I was physically and where I wanted to be; there was quite the discrepancy. As some of you know, I injured my hip in the fall and took two months off and couldn’t really do much at all besides physical therapy moves. As January rolled around I tried to gently re-introduce running via Couch 2 5k, but my hip started acting up again.

So last week I made the decision to call a trainer who works with some other gals I know and we met on Saturday to talk. What I love is that she has had hip problems herself, got through them, and is an Ironman triathlete! While my workouts are whole-body, the main goal is to get myself back into running form for the summer so I can train for the fall race season. Yes, I am going to take off the spring season. At first the decision made me sad but now I am seeing that it is for the best. I’m really working on core strength, stability, and balance.

Bringing us back to this week, I went to the trainer on Tuesday and my butt was thoroughly kicked. I went to yoga on Wednesday morning and then my trainer called and said that she had an opening on Wednesday evening and wanted me to partner up with one of her long-time clients. I decided I would do anything to get back to where I used to be physically so I said yes and went on Wednesday as well.

That meant that yesterday it was way easier for me to bend at the waist than to bend my legs, lifting my arms caused me to cringe, and my behind constantly felt like it was clenched. I seriously didn’t know if my legs would let me go up the stairs to my office nor did I know if I could ever get out of my bed once I got in.

For the first time in the past three months I feel calm. I have a plan, a coach, and can see myself progressing. Running isn’t in my cards just yet, but I feel that once I am physically stronger I will be an even better runner. In the mean time I will be working out via TRX and Pilates with the trainer accompanied with spin and yoga classes to round out my workouts. I am optimistic that come May I will be able to start running again to prepare for my favorite race on the hard packed sands of the California coastline!


3 Responses to “A Big Change”

  1. pastafreerunner January 13, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    Sounds like everything is falling nicely in to place! Good luck with the new trainer!

  2. Ellen January 14, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    I need to loose weight for the resolution I made. Should I try running? Are there any cute trainers you can recomend? I also want to get a boyfriend this year.

    • marathonbeauty January 18, 2012 at 11:10 am #

      Unfortunately I’m going to be one of those runners who will tell you to first find a shoe that fits & then look at colors/styles that are cute. I found a shoe I love & then found it in silver & blue (which I preferred over the red/white combo I tried on). Running shoes are super important so despite my preference to look cute I choose function/fit over style.

      As for the boyfriend, I found mine after I started to run seriously. Guys like confident girls & running makes me feel really awesome & like I can do anything.

      Best of luck!

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