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New Year’s Reverse Dip

30 Dec

I wanted to add some color to my last manicure, but I didn’t want to cover up the polish. Instead I opted for a reverse glitter dip! Here I’ve combined Sinful in Let’s Talk and Milani Disco Lights.

While I’m not sold on this color combo or application (I feel I did it too thick) I like the reverse glitter dip and want to experiment with it more.


What is your New Year’s Eve manicure going to look like? Going for glitter?


Candy Cane Nails

26 Dec

Today’s nails are one of my favorite combos of tomato red and iridescent glitter! I’m wearing Color Mates in Romance and Wet n’ Wild in Hallucinate.

And don’t judge on the Color Mates… I bought it when I was in a bind: without polish at my boyfriend’s parent’s house for a week and my pedicure was flaking like no other (too brittle of a top coat). I literally took my morning jog to the drug store and this was the only polish they had. Turned out to be a great match!